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Suyian Trust Projects

For people and conservation

Suyian Trust was founded by Anne Powys and her father Gilfrid Powys in 2008 to raise funds for meaningful projects in conservation. As the Powys family we have been involved in community and conservation work for almost 100 years. Today’s pressure on our natural resources is more demanding than ever and we are unable to sustain and continue this work without inviting partners and friends to join us.

Suyian Trust is actively involved in the following projects and areas in Laikipia North and Samburu County:



  • RANGELAND HEALTH: covering bare ground which creates coolness in the soil, allowing grasses and plants to grow - which in time not only increases the acreage of pasture but also protects the biodiversity in the habitat.

  • OPUNTIA REMOVAL: certain exotic species can take over and become dominant. Opuntia is an exotic plant from Mexico and is a threat to rangeland, and the natural balance of the indigenous flora and fauna. We create employment and remove the plants by hand. People benefit from the job, the rangeland remains healthy and biodiversity remains safe.

  • BEE KEEPING: without bees there would be little or no food on earth. We have been beekeeping as a family since 1956: Gilfrid learnt about bees from the Tharaka people in Meru. Bees are a critical insect in all habitats, they are the main pollinators of all plants and crops for food. Suyian Trust supports the management of 250 traditional log hives on Suyian Ranch.

  • NATURE COURSES: Suyian Trust supports and promotes awareness creating courses, for safari guides, for communities and for school children.

  • WILDLIFE MONITORING: Wildlife monitoring on the ranch and into community land encouraging community participation in wildlife monitoring. This includes ranch employees in the monitoring and recording of wildlife sightings. This gathers important data and also creates awareness for ranch scouts of the importance of wildlife across the landscape. We have an emphasis on leopard monitoring.

  • TREE ZONES: by putting a simple solar fence around a small area we are protecting many species of trees, shrubs, herbs and grasses which would disappear due to the presence of large mammals who are under more and more pressure for space.



  • COMMUNITY FOREST ASSOCIATIONS: Suyian Trust is actively involved in working together with the Kirisia Forest Community Associations, the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) and the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS).

  • FOREST RANGERS: Supporting community forest rangers with uniforms and training.

  • AWARENESS: Creating awareness of the importance of forests in the form of publishing booklets for school children and adults.

  • TREE NURSERIES Supports tree nurseries by supplying them with indigenous seeds.

  • MEETINGS: Creating interest and awareness of threatened ecosystems in Laikipia North and Samburu North by meeting regularly with community elders.

  • ECO TOURISM: encourage visitors to camp and explore these beautiful forests so that communities can learn more and benefit.

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Suyian Trust Goals

  • To upscale the support for Forest Scouts who work hard to protect the forests in Samburu

  • Support more tree nurseries

  • Promote art and craft with communities living close to forests, herbal teas, basketry and beadwork

  • Support beekeeping in Laikipia and Samburu

  • Put more focus on awareness trips to other forests and wildlife conservancies for school children who live closest to the forests in Samburu

We welcome your support in any of our current projects, if you need detailed information about any one in particular please contact us for more information at: Join us in the Suyian Trust activities - it makes for an adventurous safari where you will experience wildlife, people and forests!


A painting of  red oat grass by Ciaran Brown

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