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The Powys family have both lovingly and painstakingly created this beautifully wild and spiritual retreat. The lodge has grown from the landscape, a physical reflection of the owners' commitment to this corner of the world. In endless tiny details you will see understanding and respect for the environment, the people, the wildlife. It is the holiday version of a deep breath. Put yourselves in the infinitely caring hands of those who call this place home.


The six ensuite rooms, all built with local materials, offer generous views and every comfort. They look over a natural mineral-rich spring, frequented by wildlife, sitting beneath a dramatic rocky escarpment, with Mt Kenya stretching high and blue in the distance.


The main mess provides a cool oasis of shade, surrounded by various species of Acacia and chattering birdlife. Thatched roofs and stone walls mean all the buildings fit seamlessly into the background. A kitchen staffed with well-trained chefs presents fresh, healthy dishes, with ingredients grown on site or sourced from local farmers, all organic, and produced responsibly.


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African monarch

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These are safaris with a difference! We would love you to join us on safari in places that are away from the madding crowd, to explore magical forests in the North, to walk with camels here on Suyian where you will see wildlife on foot and camp out under the stars away from any roads or tracks. Soul Safaris take you hiking and camping on Mt Kenya where you will be surrounded by the beauty of wild flowers, birds, blue skies and crystal clear lakes, off the beaten track.

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Turrea mombassana

Suyian Trust was set up in 2008 in order to raise funds more efficiently for people and conservation. As the Powys family we have been involved in community work for almost 100 years. Today’s pressure on our natural resources is more demanding than ever and we are unable to sustain and continue this work without inviting partners to join us. We are very passionate about the conservation of indigenious forest in Kenya.The main area we work in is Samburu county, focusing on ‘desert islands’; green-clad hills that are home to some of Kenya’s last intact dry cedar/olive forests.

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Wouter and Yvonne

"This is the fourteenth time! We have travelled all over Africa but Suyian is still very special for us! Thanks for looking after us and we will be back!"

"Many, many thanks for sharing a wonderful peaceful Christmas in the bush. As always Suyian is a place of joy,quiet,wonder and time to connect with old Mama nature. Heres to many more plant and dudu adventures in 2021."

"What a wonderful place and wonderful people. I leave enriched and revitalised for life again. How do you do it? I leave a little bit of me here and take a little bit with me until next time! With fondest wishes."

Dino Martins


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Heliotropium steudnerii

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