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Themeda triandra

(Red oat grass)

Soul Safaris

A new experience - add an expedition onto your stay at Suyian.


Walking in the bush takes on a whole different meaning if you know you can walk wherever you want to, avoiding all the roads, and for as long or as short as you wish. 


Camel safaris are best done in the dry season or just after the rains. Suyian camels are originally from Somaliland the first herds were walked down from the Ethiopian border by Gilfrid Powys. Our camels are bred from those same bloodlines to this day. 

Walking Safaris:

If you enjoy the bush, nature and walking its great fun going on a bush patrol with the Suyian Rangers or in the forest with Community Forest Rangers. These kinds of safaris are so interesting because you are often off the beaten track and come across all sorts of treasures! Like birds, insects and tracks of animals that have been in the area, maybe a lion kill or even a swarm of wild bees in a tree. These safaris are also designed to encourage Rangers to be more aware when out walking, to appreciate and to learn about the wildlife, birds, trees and insects.

Forest Safaris:

There is nothing more beautiful than walking for hours and hours in any forest in the world! What is special and unique in Kenya is the “Desert Islands” in Northern Kenya they are very old cedar/olive forests which have been there for the last 3,000 years at least. We follow very old elephant trails, carrying a light picnic for day trips or camping out for nights where you wake up to stunning views looking across landscapes filled with beauty. Surrounded by massive trees, unique bird life and an ancient culture, these safaris are truly special..

Mountain Safaris:

Rising majestically from the central highlands of Kenya, stands Mt. Kenya. Decked in forested lower slopes, a girdle of exquisite heather moorland, and crowned with ice and snow, Mt. Kenya is like a world in itself. Whether you're a bird enthusiast seeking out a lifer, a keen angler looking to catch high-altitude trout, a summit-bagger reaching for the giddy heights or simply keen to ramble, and take in the views, Soul Safaris can make it happen. To the west, the Aberdare range also offers wonderful fishing and trekking at a similar altitude to Mt. Kenya's moorland, with more wildlife to be seen. If you're interested in stepping above the madding crowds, and exploring Kenya's high-altitude wilderness, then get in touch. These trips are lead by Anne Powys' son Ciaran (see bio below). 

Plant Safaris:

These trips focus on the indigenous flora in Kenya. We are very passionate about the plant life here so there are endless different places to explore and enjoy the botanical side of safari. We have been recording the indigenous uses of plants by the local people for many years, so the medicinal and useful plants are a very interesting subject. Plant safaris take us to beautiful places, and allow us to meet local herbalists who are always teaching us something new.



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‘This bodily lightness, then, in the rarified air, combines with the liberation of space to give mountain feyness to those who are susceptible to such a malady. For it is a malady… but a malady of which the afflicted will never ask to be cured.’ Nan Shepherd

Born on the slopes of Mt. Kenya and raised between beach and bush, Ciaran has a lifelong connection to the wilderness. Whether exploring hidden valleys on the mountain, peering into a beehive, climbing a weathered rock face, or listening to the lore of local sages, Ciaran relishes any opportunity to learn more about the natural world, and deepen his connection to it. Guiding is a way of sharing these special encounters. If you feel like stepping off the beaten path, succumbing to the malady of ‘mountain feyness,’ or simply allowing yourself to truly be in the wild, then perhaps an adventure with Ciaran is what you’re seeking.

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